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FAQ // Pop-up Brand Experience

Q: What is the VIP experience?

A: VIP Tickets are $25/person and provide the all inclusive LMC Brand experience. Our VIPs will receive first access to the collection with a 50 minute reservation, a drink to enjoy while shopping, and a private shopping experience (limited capacity to 5 individuals/hour). You'll also receive an LMC stocking stuffer filled with gifts just for you!

Standard tickets for the event are $10 and include a 50 minute reservation with an LMC stocking stuffer gift! The standard experience will have limited capacity to 10 guests. 

Q: What time slots are available for reservation?

A: VIP slots are available Friday, November 13th at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

Standard slots are available Saturday, November 14th from 10am-6pm on the hour.

Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: Thursday, October 22nd at 6:30pm CST

Q? Where do I make my reservation?

A: under the tab "LMC Pop-up Brand Experience."

Q: Can I try clothing on during the event?

A: Yes! We will have a fitting room available, which will be sanitized between shoppers.

Q: Can I come with a group of friends?

A: YES! We encourage booking with a small group to make a memorable experience. To do this, have each individual in your group purchase a ticket for the same date and hour.

Q: Can my reservation be cancelled?

A: Tickets are nonrefundable but could be sold to others looking to attend.


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